Code Enforcement Security Inc. is a full service security provider. Some of our Services include:

  • Security Guards – Fully Trained, Licensed, and insured guards dedicated to protecting your home, business, or assets. 24 hour services available.
  • Private Property Security.
  • Personal Bodyguards – Uniformed or Undercover agents to guard and prevent personal injury.
  • Licensed Physical Security Surveying – Assessments of the physical needs of our client's grounds and installations under our protective responsibility.
  • Electronic Detection Devices - include the use and installation of electronic surveillance cameras needed to enhance our protective services. This may include 24-hours monitored and non-monitored services.
  • Security Escort Services – Professional transportation services provided by one or more of our trained body guards.
  • Background Checks.
  • Merchant Shopping – Undercover presence surveillance and loss prevention.
  • Sporting Events – Crowd control, parking lot protection, gate control, lounge ID entry check, metal detection.
  • Security Consultation – Evaluation of security needs for all industries to enhance loss prevention, personal injury and escalation of unwanted situations and/or events.


Code Enforcement Security Inc.
The #1 Homeland Defense in the Private Sector.
Licensed, Bonded, and Insured.

Lic # B-1300304