Guard Accountability - Confidence in your Security

At Code Enforcement Security, we have solved problems many clients have had with security providers. With our guard accountability system, no client needs to worry about whether their security guards are sleeping on the job or not patrolling all critical areas of the job site.


Patrol Wand System

At every service location, Code Enforcement Security installs guard reporting tools which allow our clients and supervisors to monitor the quality of service and performance of all guards on duty. Our Guard Scan system is placed at all critical areas of the perimeter to ensure that the designated guard is alert, patrolling, and securing all vital areas of the perimeter. The system is small and easy to setup or remove.


Guard Supervision

Our Supervisors patrol assigned areas 24 hours a day and log all opening and closing guard shifts to ensure guard accountability throughout each designated time schedule. Supervisors also patrol in close range to designated service locations to respond to any emergencies or suspicious activities faster than local law enforcement officials.



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